2015 Year In Review

Wastebits 2015 in one word? Growth

We saw our new user growth increase; we experienced 32% customer growth year over year; we grew into a bigger facility and the size of our team almost doubled.


Product Enhancements & New Features

Our product team grew in numbers and expertise throughout 2015, we continued to develop the core of Wastebits innovation -- the Unified Waste Profile. As our team grew in capacity, our product development process evolved almost as fast as we identified features and enhancements. Our commitment to hiring good people contributes to a stronger product and an ability to flex faster in response to client needs.

The following enhancements have emerged as a byproduct of our negotiations with future users.

  • Profile Notes keeps Wastebits users collaborating and tracking communications within Wastebits. Users have the ability to create notes specific to their company or public to all users with permissions.

  • Revamped Profile Sidebar (notes, approval info, file attachments) allows information to more readily accessible alongside the profile form.

  • Profile Renewals allows for a Waste Facility to automatically renew a waste profile proactively or reactively in regards to expiration.

  • Infrastructure improvements & transitioning to Amazon Web Services (AWS) from Rackspace.

  • Product enhancements like these GROW our ability to provide simple & secure digital solutions to customers throughout the waste industry. Even more growth in product development on deck for 2016.


  • Office Space: We moved twice to accommodate our growing team. We settled into our Water Street space in downtown Akron in July. The new Wastebits home feels like a generative and collaborative place to develop our commitment to putting people first and working as a team.

  • Team Size: Grew from 17 to 35 full and part-time employees in 2015. Watch future Wastebits Insights updates to find out about the unique value that these (and other) faces add to our team.

Moving Forward

We've got a lot more planned for 2016, including new partnerships and product enhancements. Stay tuned for more information on this blog, or follow @wastebits on Twitter.

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