New Feature Roundup: Searchable Epa #'s, State Regulatory Forms, and More!

Exciting things are happening here at Wastebits. Spring is in the air, and some new features are being released. Here are a few of the new enhancements to Wastebits:

EPA #s Are Now Searchable When Creating A Profile

In addition to typing in a company name of a profile, you may now also type in either a federal or state EPA # and the system will search for matches as you type and display them in the dropdown for selection:


Waste Facilities May Now Modify Approval Details

Waste facility users with Approval privileges may now edit approval details of a profile at two points of the profile life cycle:

1. When Renewing A Profile

At the time of renewal, the approval details of the profile will be open for adjustment

Click the “Renew” button:


Adjust any of the fields you would like to edit: Approved Volume, Expiration Date, or


Click “Yes, Renew” to finalize the Renewal and retain your changes.

2. When A Profile Has Been Edited And Automatically Placed On Hold

A waste facility user with Approver privileges may also edit Approval details once a profile has been automatically placed On Hold due to a user edit. To make the changes at this point, click the gear icon at the top right of your profile and click “Reveal Changes” from the dropdown.


Modify the conditions details as desired and click the “Save” button to retain those changes.


At this point, conditions also may be modified: just enter in your new condition or modify the existing and click “Save”. Note that entering a new condition overwrites any of the original text so, if the original conditions hold true, you likely would want to add the new condition details to the text of the original.


Once you have saved your changes and all is as you’d like, you may restore the profile (with the new approval details) by clicking the “Restore” button and then clicking “Yes, Restore” in the popup.


State Regulatory Forms

We at Wastebits are building a repository of the forms that are required by various states in the waste profiling process and making that list accessible to you as you complete your profiles. You have the ability to easily view that list and download the desired form. You can then print that form out, complete it, and then scan and attach it to your Wastebits profile in the attachments area so the waste facility can review it as part of the approval process.

You can access this list within the “Attachments” tab of any profile by clicking on the “State Regulatory Forms” link.


After clicking the “State Regulatory Forms” link, you will be taken to a page listing links to all of the forms we have on file. You may also filter the list to only show files from a particular state.


Click the desired form link to be taken immediately to that particular form or the landing page that contains that form.

Once you have completed form, simply scan it and attach it to your profile in the Attachments area so it can be reviewed by the waste facility in the approval process.

As always, let us know if you have any questions about Wastebits or these new features, we're happy to help!

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