New Note Notifications

After listening to our customer's requests, we are pleased to announce that “Note Notifications” have been added to the system. These will trigger email notifications whenever new notes (or changes to existing notes) have been submitted to the system. There are two ways in which these will work:

1. Company Notes

If you create a “Company Note” all users associated with your company in the system will receive an email notification including the text of the new note and a link they can click to be taken to the profile to either view the note or add a note of their own. This will allow you to cross communicate with users within your own company. Notifications will generate for profiles in all states (including drafts); this means you can cross collaborate with users within your company even on profiles that have not yet been submitted for approval.

2. Everyone Notes

If a user creates an “Everyone Note” then all users associated with any of the company accounts listed on the profile (Generator, Destination Waste Facility, Bill To, Transporter) will receive an email notification. Everyone Notes will not generate to any user when the profile is in draft mode. But profiles in any other state (Pending, Approved, or On Hold) will trigger a notification.

Example Note Notification:


Unless you have modified your notification settings, Note Notifications will come immediately to each applicable user via email.

As always, let us know if you have any questions about Wastebits or this new feature, we're happy to help!

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