Wastebits v1.1.7 Released

We are excited to announce an update to our waste profiling application, providing numerous enhancements, performance improvements, and a few bug fixes. 

Featured Updates

  1. Admins now receive an in-app notification when they attempt to invite Users to their currently logged-in Company. This gives Admins a chance to ensure they are adding users to the appropriate Company, and thereby giving the invited user access to the appropriate Profiles. (Click Here for more information on invitations)
  2. Until a Profile is either Approved or Rejected, only an Approver for the Destination Facility is be able to see Approval information. This prevents a user mistakenly thinking a given Profile is Approved (may have an Approval number set) when it is not yet Approved for the Destination Facility.

Bug Fixes

  1. Profiles will now show as Expired when the Expiration Date is set to a date earlier than the current date. Previously, there were instances where a Profile showed an Expiration Date in the past, but didn't have an Expired Status.
  2. The Profile Export function will now only export Profiles that meet the filter criteria that you have selected on screen.

Other updates

Profiling Application

  • Tab index for login form now includes "Forgot password"
  • Print Profile: Extra programming data appearing below Certification removed
  • Free Liquid Range is now displays only for Physical States: Liquid, Sludge, Other (digital profile & print Profile)
  • Styling - Spacing of Shipping & DOT labels corrected
  • Updated styling and Tab indexes for buttons in lists on digital Profile
  • Missing N/A checkbox options added back (digital profile & print Profile)
  • Print Approval:  "Reason On Hold" field added to Print Approval for On Hold profiles
  • Print Approval:  Alignment of Conditions label corrected when multiple lines included in Conditions
  • Print Profile:  If 'No' selected on reactivity, then 'Reactivity Explanation' no longer displays on printed profile
  • 4 hyperlinks added as regulatory references for EPA Haz Waste-->Yes questions
  • EPA IDs (Federal & State) corrected to populate from the company's record onto profile when 'Same as Generator Address' clicked (digital profile & print profile)
  • Create Account header no longer blocked by top bar when user is accepting invitation

Facility Locator

  • Waste facility listings that are "Inactive" no longer display on facility locator.
  • Multiple facility categories now able to be selected per location on the Facility Locator
  • New category added with tags for waste facility services offers (solidification, hauling, etc)
  • New category added with tags for waste codes that waste facility accept (state and federal codes)
  • Updated language on email sent to user to confirm account

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