Wastebits v1.5.0 Released

In this collection of updates, we'd like to highlight three enhancements:

  1. Streamlined Certifications and Re-certifications
  2. Clearer required fields on Profile
  3. Clearer way to remove companies from tabs on Profile

Streamlined Certifications and Re-certifications 

The Wastebits Certifications workflows have historically been a bit confusing for many of our users. We've heard you say (among other pieces of feedback):

  • Where's the Certification section? I don't see it!
  • I have to clone a Profile in order to update the Certification? That's a bit of a hassle, especially if I want to see the Certification history of a single Profile.
  • If I accidentally certified a Profile, accidentally certified as Generator or Authorized Third Party and meant to select the opposite! Now I have to Clone or re-create the Profile from scratch. What a bummer.

We heard you, produced an updated experience, tested this experience with our Wastebits Insiders, and landed on a design that streamlines your workflows by ensuring:

  • the Certification section will always appear on the Profile
  • Profile viewers can determine whether a profile is Certified right in the Certification section (no need to sift through the Profile Activities List)

  • a Certification can be retracted if you made an error while certifying a Profile

  • all Certification events are available in the Activities List for a Profile
  • Profile viewers can see who last Certified the Profile, and when it happened

  • authorized individuals can update the Certification without cloning!

Clearer required fields on Profiles

You create a new Wastebits Waste Profile, fill it out, but that Submit button is not working. Sound familiar? Historically, the profile submission process hadn't done a very good job communicating what it required from our users in order to successfully submit a Waste Profile.

With this version update, we updated the Waste Profile to more clearly articulate these requirements:

Upon clicking the "Submit for Approval" button, you will see which required fields are yet to be completed, and an indication of which required fields have been completed.

Clearer way to remove companies from tabs on Profile

Have you ever worked on a profile and realized you had the wrong company listed as Generator, Facility, Billing, or Transporter? Maybe you wanted to clone a profile because your waste stream was the same but one of the companies different. It used to be unclear what the correct way was to change this information.

With this version update, you now have a distinct button to click to remove these companies from the Profile: 

These three key updates along with some bug fixes are what you'll see in v1.5.0. We hope you enjoy the updates, and as always, tell us what you think!

Thanks again for using Wastebits.

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