Wastebits v1.7.0 Released

In this collection of updates, we'd like to highlight two enhancements:

  1. Read-only user permissions
  2. Specify "Disposal Methods" on Waste Profiles

Read-Only User Permissions

We've updated User Administration to allow Administrators to invite Read-Only Users to Companies. Users with Read-Only permissions can view Profiles and add Notes, but can't make any other changes within the Company where they are Read-Only. 

Since these permissions are granted at a Company level, Users can be Read-Only in one company, but Editor, Admin and Approver in another.

Now when you go to your User Administration tab, you'll see a new option called Editor

The Editor permission gives users the ability to change things, so to give someone Read-Only access, simply un-check everything but the Active option!

The first user added to a Company will automatically be an Editor with Admin permissions. When you invite a new user to a company that already has Users, they will automatically have "Read-Only" permissions unless you click the "Add as Editor" option on the invitation. Admins can update these permissions at any time from the User Administration page!

Specify "Disposal Methods" on Waste Profiles

Historically, users have not been able to specify disposal methods in a dedicated field on a Waste Profile or Approval. This has led users to discuss this important information via Profile Notes. While this can work, it results in users having to weed through lengthy discussions to determine which Disposal Methods were Preferred (by the submitter or generator) and Approved (by the destination facility).

We've introduced a streamlined way for Profile Submitters to specify their Preferred Disposal Method from a dropdown list, or by typing the code if you know it!

Likewise, Profile Approvers can accept or reject & select different Disposal Methods when completing the approval. This will not change the Preferred Disposal Method requested on the Waste Profile. This ensures that authorized users can see the difference between what was Preferred and what was Approved.

Disposal Method information will also appear on the:

  • Print Profile
  • Print Approval
  • Approval Email Notification
  • Renewal Email Notification

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