Wastebits v1.8.0 Released

In this collection of updates, we'd like to highlight four enhancements:

Compare Profile Versions

You’ve been asking and we responded! This exciting new feature lets you see every change made to the profile after July 12, 2017. And these Activity Details are now accessible at any time even if the profile is not On Hold!

To access this feature, simply click the Compare link on an event in the Activity Log

This will open a detailed view highlighting any differences the current profile has from the state the profile was in at the time of the activity you clicked on, making it easy to determine what was changed, by whom, and when.

Streamlined Password Reset Process

Accessing your account shouldn't be complicated--even if you forgot your password-- so we've streamlined the Password Reset process. 

After you click the "forgot your password" link you'll still be prompted to enter your email address, but no more long and confusing codes to copy in the "Password Reset" email! 

Simply click the Password Reset button in the "Password Reset" email, and you'll be taken to a screen to create your new password. Once you've successfully created your new password, you'll be taken directly to the Log-In screen!

Curated List of Material Common Names

Data quality is critical. As such, we're continually looking for aspects of the Waste Profile application where we can help you quickly enter high quality data, thereby reducing typos, reducing your data entry effort, and simultaneously positioning the related data better for future reporting and analytics. 

You can now select a Common Name from a dropdown list, or type in your own if it's not on the list.

"That User has already been invited"

Presently in Wastebits when you try to send an Invitation to a User who already has an Account, it seems like the app is stuck and not sending the Invitation. This update will ensure that you get a message letting you know why the Invitation isn't sending.

Other updates and bug fixes

  • Expanded fields to enable an easier view 
  • IE11 display enhancements
  • Column sorting fixes
  • Ensure clone copies from last saved

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