Wastebits v1.1.0 Released

We are excited to announce an update to our waste profiling application, providing numerous enhancements, performance improvements, and a few bug fixes.  

An enhanced Wastebits Profiling experience

Over the course of the past few months, our team has been working to deliver a collection of enhancements to streamline your Profile Management experience. This is the first step in a sequence of refinements on the way in which we’re incorporating the feedback from users in order to make Wastebits the premier experience for those in the Waste Management industry.

Changes based on what we heard from you

  1. Cloning a Profile now also clones Contacts on that Profile

  2. Search Box in Profile List View has been improved so that search terms no longer have to be exact

  3. Profile approval information now remains editable for Approvers when the Profile is On Hold 

  4. Column headers on Profile List View and Company List View now remain visible when scrolling

  5. “Reveal Changes” provides a side-by-side comparison of “last approved profile” and the profile that is pending approval - click to see an example

Other updates

Profile Detail View

  1. Profile “Submit for approval” appears only after the required fields are completed (Generator company, Destination Facility company, Billing company)

  2. Reason that the Profile is On Hold can now be seen in the Activity Log - click to see an example

  3. Approval history is now available in the Activities list - click to see an example

  4. Added Company map view - click to see an example

Profile List View

  1. Additional filters appear based on the main filter you select - click to see an example

  2. The “export” button is now a standard “cloud download” icon

  3. Column “configuration” is now a gear icon, which commonly represents the “configuration” of application components

  4. Can now quickly see a Company’s profiles by searching for that Company name

Other general updates

  1. “Create Profile” button only available when viewing the Profile List

  2. Sort and filter all list views

  3. Can now toggle User Roles from the User Administration : User List view - click to see an example

  4. To invite Users to your Company, log in to that company and select Invitations from your Company menu - click to see an example

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