Case Study:

Waste Management Automates Haz Manifest Reporting

The Challenge

As North America's largest environmental services company, Waste Management (WM) offers one of the industry’s largest range of services for the management, transportation and disposal of hazardous wastes in the United States.

With a high volume of manifests to report to the EPA, WM needed a partner that could quickly process manifests without bogging down staff members with a manual, inefficient upload process.

Wastebits Provides the Solution

Automated Uploads

Using a bulk upload process, Wastebits is able to process thousands of manifests and scale tickets coming from WM’s scale house system. It’s a turnkey service that allows WM employees to focus on the work they do best.

Collaborative Reporting

Via a direct integration between the Wastebits platform and internal WM systems, Wastebits was able to provide daily reports of all relevant manifest activities, customized to each user’s specific reporting needs.

Getting the Data Right

Wastebits also provides a thorough review of each manifest for any missing or illegible fields. Through proprietary technology, Wastebits is able to catch mistakes before the manifest is ever sent to the EPA.

The Wastebits e-Manifest Solution:

  • Creates administrative efficiencies
  • Improves data quality
  • Saves fees over working directly with the EPA for similar services
  • Simplifies workflow
  • Provides historical insight and reporting

With bulk tools created specifically for e-Manifest processing with the EPA, countless hours of repetitive work is avoided due to a streamlined workflow.

Savings over mailing
manifests into the EPA
Savings over scanning in
the manifests to the EPA
More Efficient Bulk Processing
tools over EPA direct upload tool

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