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Clean Harbors

1829 Allanport Road , Thorold, ON L2V 3Y9 • 905-227-7872

Clean Harbors’ Niagara transfer, recycling and processing facility is located in southern Ontario in the city of Thorold and services Canada, the United States and Basel Signatory Counties. The facility is utilized for pretreatment and consolidation of lab pack and drummed wastes prior to final disposal, and is fully permitted to manage the majority of waste types with the exception of PCBs, explosives, radioactive, and pathological waste streams.

Typical Customers: R&D facilities, colleges and universities, government research facilities, pharmaceutical companies, chemical facilities, provincial, state and municipal manufacturers, medical facilities, brokers.

Acceptable Materials

  • contaminated process wastewaters
  • inorganic cleaning solutions
  • oils
  • spent flammable solvents
  • organic and inorganic laboratory chemicals
  • paint residues
  • debris from toxic or reactive chemical cleanups

Services Offered

  • waste pretreatment
  • storage prior to final disposal
  • reactive and compressed gas cylinder treatment
  • neutralization
  • container shredding
  • Solids Consolidation
  • Recycling
  • repackaging
  • Lab Pack Processing for Fuels Blending

Contact Details

Street Address

1829 Allanport Road
Thorold, ON L2V 3Y9


P: 905-227-7872