Clean Harbors Deer Park, LLC

Clean Harbors

2027 Independence Parkway South, Deer Park, TX 77571 • 281-930-2300

The Deer Park facility is fully permitted to manage a wide variety of regulated materials including RCRA hazardous waste, PCBs, APHIS soils, and non-regulated waste materials. Properly packaged infectious waste and witness-burned DEA-controlled substances can also be incinerated at the Deer Park facility.

Utilized for incineration, the Deer Park facility is self supported with ancillary units. It is a stand-alone disposal facility with an on-site landfill, a wastewater treatment plant, and storage/processing units. A full staff of technical, operational, and administrative personnel handles the most complex customer needs.

Typical Customers
Chemical facilities, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, R&D facilities, colleges and universities, government research facilities, state and municipal agencies, and medical facilities.

Acceptable Materials

  • contaminated process wastewaters
  • oils
  • spent flammable solvents
  • organic and inorganic laboratory chemicals
  • paint residues
  • debris from toxic or reactive chemical cleanups
  • off-spec commercial products
  • cylinders
  • labpacks

Services Offered

  • Incineration of all types of waste (solids, liquids, sludge, and gas), drums, tankers, and rail
  • Storage prior to Incineration
  • On-Site Landfill of incineration residues
  • On-Site Wastewater Treatment of self-generated aqueous by-products

Contact Details

Street Address

2027 Independence Parkway South
Deer Park, TX 77571
United States


P: 281-930-2300