Clean Harbors of Connecticut, Inc.

Clean Harbors

761 Middle St, Bristol, CT 06010 • 860-583-8917

Serving the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Central United States, the Bristol facility offers chemical treatment of inorganic-based non-hazardous and characteristic hazardous wastes, and stabilization/fixation of sludge/solids intended for land disposal.
This facility accepts hazardous wastes and PCBs for storage, consolidation, and transfer to other company-owned facilities or off-site treatment and disposal facilities. The Bristol facility also dismantles scrap, surplus machines and computing equipment for removal of regulated materials and/or recovery of recyclable materials.

Typical Customers: electroplaters; metal working, electronic equipment, chemical, plastics and machinery manufacturers; medical facilities; laboratories; utilities; petroleum distribution; and government facilities.

Acceptable Materials

  • electroplating baths
  • rinsewaters
  • treatment sludge
  • corrosive acids
  • solid oxidizers
  • contaminated process wastewaters
  • inorganic cleaning solutions
  • oils
  • spent flammable solvents
  • organic and inorganic laboratory chemicals
  • paint residues
  • debris from toxic or reactive chemical cleanups

Services Offered

  • Inorganic Aqueous Waste Treatment
  • Chemical Precipitation
  • Storage and Transfer of waste oils
  • Sludge Dewatering/Fixation
  • Acid/Base Neutralization
  • Stabilization
  • Container Storage, Consolidation and Transfer

Contact Details

Street Address

761 Middle St
Bristol, CT 06010
United States


P: 860-583-8917