Layon Municipal Sanitary Landfill

Green Group Holdings, LLC

1130 chalan layon 96917 • (671) 727-6846

Located at Inarajan and serving the territory of Guam, Layon Municipal Sanitary Landfill is operated by GGH Guam, LLC. The 317-acre site currently has 22 acres constructed for disposal that are fully compliant with Subtitle D standards and can accept municipal solid waste (MSW) from the territory’s transfer stations and the Guam Solid Waste Authority. The facility also accepts pre-approved special waste. The Layon Landfill design will include a gas collection system that may be flared and/or used as a fuel source, depending on the quantity of the gas generated. The system will be installed once gas generation is sufficient at the site.

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1130 chalan layon 96917

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