Join our team as a Marketing Intern and be at the forefront of sustainable technology marketing. This opportunity offers a blend of creativity, analytics, and cutting-edge tools.

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About Wastebits

Wastebits is a leader in sustainable technology solutions, dedicated to empowering businesses like Disney, Tesla, and Amazon with innovative waste management and environmental sustainability practices. Our mission is to drive forward the technology that makes the world greener and more efficient.

If you landed directly on this page, check out our internship page first for more information about Wastebits and our internship program.

We are currently accepting applications and conducting interviews for the 2024 Winter/Spring semester.

Roles and Responsibilities

This is a hybrid remote/in-person internship. The intern will meet at regular intervals at a public meeting place (i.e. coffee shops or libraries near campus), as well as virtual/independent work. As a Wastebits intern, you'll be involved in:

  • Social Media: Manage and grow our presence on platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and X (Twitter), engaging our audience with compelling content.
  • Data-Driven Analytics: Use analytics tools to measure the success of our social media campaigns and make data-informed decisions.
  • Content Creation: Craft engaging blogs and social media posts that resonate with our audience and reflect our brand's voice.
  • Graphic Design: Design visually appealing graphics for our digital marketing campaigns, enhancing our brand's visual storytelling.
  • Marketing Automation: Learn and apply marketing automation tools to streamline our digital marketing efforts efficiently.
  • AI-Enhanced Strategies: Utilize AI tools to amplify our marketing strategies, particularly in social media engagement and content personalization.

Skills and Qualifications Required

We're looking for interns who are:

  • Passionate about sustainability, with a flair for digital marketing and social media.
  • Skilled in creating engaging content for blogs.
  • Proficient in graphic design, with a creative eye for visuals.
  • Familiar with or willing to learn marketing automation and AI tools.
  • Analytical, capable of interpreting social media metrics to guide strategy.

Educational Benefits for the Intern

This internship offers:

  • Hands-on experience in social media management, content creation, and digital marketing analytics.
  • Opportunities to develop a strong portfolio in blogging, graphic design, and marketing automation.
  • Enhanced skills in using analytics to drive social media strategy and content effectiveness.

    Payment Information

    This internship offers:

    • Compensation at a rate of $12 per hour.
    • A commitment of approximately 10 hours per week.

    Application Instructions

    To apply for an internship at Wastebits, please click the button below and fill out the application.