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Cirrus Associates, LLC (Cirrus) is an engineering, environmental and hydrogeological regional consulting firm with offices in Dallas and Houston, Texas. We offer personalized consulting services to private and state and local clients. As a regional firm employing high quality personnel, Cirrus offers personalized quality consulting advice at a reasonable cost. We're recognized for approaching our clients' concerns with a blend of common sense and business reality. Example Innovative Client Solutions: In North Texas, Cirrus helped a manufacturing industry's landfill achieve closure by finding a solution to soaring industrial solid waste disposal costs, thus saving the company over $1 million in landfill construction and closure costs. Cirrus was able to work with the TCEQ to re-classify the facility’s solid waste from Class 2 to Class 3 waste as well as provide a design solution to reduce capital costs in the cap and new landfill construction. Cirrus permitted one of the first facilities in Texas in which the facility has an Industrial Nonhazardous Solid Waste Permit, Municipal Solid Waste Permit as well as a 10-day Hazardous Waste Transfer Facility. Challenges included space limitations, code compliance and developing waste acceptance procedures to overcome regulatory perceptions regarding waste segregation. In Texas, Cirrus fast-tracked siting, permitting, performing process design for a multi-permitting and design for a precious metals manufacturing facility. We were able to save our client years in permitting and regulatory interface by an integrated approach of process design and design modifications to keep the facility within the Texas Permit By Rule air emissions criteria thresholds. After other consulting firms had turned down the project as “ impossible to permit” Cirrus prepared a Confined Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) permit application as well as evaluated water and sewage supply options for a research dairy in Erath, County, Texas. The dairy, which is located over a major aquifer in the state and in an impaired water watershed was successfully permitted. Cirrus provided hydrogeologic services in location and placement of a public water supply well for the facility. Cirrus Associates, LLC is a Texas registered engineering company with Firm Registration No. 14579.

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