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Non Hazardous Deep Well Injection Facility

• Fully permitted non-hazardous industrial disposal facility
• Recent ten year permit renewal
• Able to receive full non-hazardous pH range – 2.1 – 12.4
• Unlimited levels of BOD and COD materials
• Material must be water soluble for processing
• Can receive Alcohol-Flammable exempt material - <24% by volume of alcohol – no mixtures
• Material that has been disposed not recoverable – limited liability
• Full range of liquids to solids
• No stabilization charges as charged at landfills for wet material
• Most forms of shipping containers are accepted – tank truck – vacuum truck – vacuum boxes – roll off boxes – end dumps - drums – super sacks – tote tanks – rail – barge
• Timely unloading – 45 minutes to one hour (normal for scheduled truck)
• Dedicated operations personnel

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