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Phoenix is a Canadian clean-tech solution provider with over a decade of experience in material reclamation and recycling. Our head office is located in the city of Markham, Ontario. Our history in recycling has led us to explore new technologies and ways in which to help our planet. We initiated our plastic to fuel project in 2008 with the first prototype demonstration machine being built in 2009. In 2012, a 5-tonne per day pilot plant was established in Hong Kong’s ECO Park. In 2013, Phoenix was a runner-up in the Start Me Up Hong Kong Venture Programme Awards which included more than 400 companies from 39 countries worldwide. This gave us the encouragement to continue our research and fine-tune the operation and system design. In 2014, Phoenix established a fully operational facility in Huizhou, China. This facility can process 20 tonnes of hydrocarbon based waste (HW) per day with an annual output of 8,000 tonnes of fuel products. Our next generation Phoenix renewable oil (PRO) micro-refinery system has improved significantly since the original invention and the operation only require approximately 2000 square metres to set up. The highly adaptable Phoenix PRO system can accept a wide range of HW material, having successfully processed plastics (unsorted and unwashed), scrap tyres, palm oil residue and other HW. There are many sources of feedstock available but our initial focus is on the industrial and commercial waste materials which are available in large quantities. The Phoenix PRO system is a modular, scalable, clean emission, closed loop design. Our existing plant is a 20-tonne processing facility which is already being expanded.

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