Unitek Solvent Services

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Unitek Solvent Services is Hawaii’s largest collector of oily waste and waste antifreeze. We provide the following services:

Tire Recycling
Used Oil/Anti-Freeze/Used Oil Filter Collection
Solvent & Parts Washers
Petroleum Sump Tank Cleaning
Vacuum Truck Services
About our company

Unitek is primarily engaged in the recycling, reclamation and re-use of waste materials. Unitek has provided solvent parts washer servicing since 1981. The spent petroleum solvent is reclaimed through distillation into re-usable cleaning solvent. The Company also collects used oil and recycles it into an alternative and/or supplement to diesel fuel. The Company’s newest service and commodity is scrap tire recycling and offers on-site antifreeze recycling, as well as collection and recycling alternatives. The Business activities are conducted with customers primarily in Hawaii.

Member of NORA An Association of Responsible Recyclers

Unitek Solvent Services Disposal Locations

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