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Orchard Hills Landfill

Advanced Disposal Services

8290 Highway 251 South, Davis Junction, IL 61020 • (815) 874-9000

Orchard Hills Landfill opened for business in 1998 and accepts MSW, C&D, non-hazardous industrial waste, solidification of non-hazardous liquid waste and asbestos. The daily landfill volume average is 6,000 tons per day but there is no regulated daily maximum. Methane is captured and flared. Orchard Hills Landfill has a 16,200 kilowatt electrical generation plant under construction with anticipated online date in mid-2016.. Host fees are paid to both the Town of Davis Junction and Ogle County under separate host agreements. Leachate is trucked off-site for disposal at a wastewater treatment facility. The current life is approximately 11 years.

This facility is permitted to accept waste from all counties in Illinois and surrounding states and accepts waste from Advanced Disposal subsidiaries and third party companies.

Acceptable Waste

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P: (815) 874-9000
F: (815) 874-5841