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CGS Services, Inc.

11380 N 300 E, Morristown, IN 46161 • (765) 763-6758

CGS Services, Inc. provides a variety of recycling programs for commercial, industrial, residential and schools. Our programs typically consist of your basic recycling products to start with, such as your residential household recycling: plastic bottles, glass jars, newspaper, beverage cans, food cans, cardboard, paperboard and office paper.

CGS Services, Inc. is able to solidify and dispose of your non-hazardous liquid materials. These include various grease trap wastes, sludge pit and grit waste as well as fuel spills. Special waste verification criteria must be met prior to acceptance approval.

Acceptable Waste

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11380 N 300 E
Morristown, IN 46161
United States

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P: (765) 763-6758
F: (765) 763-6174

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