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The Colfax facility is located in central Louisiana approximately 35 miles northwest of Alexandria. With a health and safety record that is unparalleled in the United States, this facility is uniquely permitted to treat over 300 kinds of explosives and reactive waste. Storage for explosives is provided in ten permitted ATF storage magazines.
The Colfax facility is capable of treating a wide range of materials from fireworks and contaminated debris to rocket motors. Thermal treatment in 20 permitted burn units treats the waste. Residue is collected from the treatment process and shipped off-site for disposal at an approved facility. Metal by-products are shipped off-site for recycling.

Typical Customers
Explosive manufacturers and end-users, government / military ordnance suppliers, automobile airbag manufacturers, DOD / DOE / Corps of Engineer projects, oilfield industry, colleges, universities, medical facilities, research centers, and private.

Acceptable Materials

  • undeployed air bags
  • fireworks
  • rocket motors
  • munitions
  • propellants
  • high explosives
  • warheads
  • shaped charges
  • detonating cord
  • nitro-related compounds

Services Offered

  • LTL Services
  • Explosive Packing Service
  • Demilitarization
  • storage prior to final treatment and/or disposal

Contact Details

Street Address

3763 Hwy. 47
Colfax, LA 71417
United States


P: (318) 627-3443