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PR-3, Int. 923, Km 1.7, Barrio Buena Vista, Humacao, PR 00791 • (787) 852-4444

EC Waste owns and operates El Coquí Landfill at Humacao. Its construction and operation are under the strictest standards of the solid waste industry in Puerto Rico and U.S. The Subtitle D of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA, 40CFR 258) oversees the operation of sanitary landfills under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). The EPA, as authorized by RCRA, delegated the regulation of non-hazardous solid wastes under Subtitle D to the Puerto Rico Environmental Quality Board (EQB) and the Regulation for the Management of Non-Hazardous Solid Wastes.

El Coquí Landfill meets all the requirements of Subtitle D of RCRA and EQB. Some of these requirements are the use of synthetic liners, leachate collection, gas collection and management, rainwater management, environmental monitoring and others.

The EC Waste sanitary landfills have closure plans approved by the EQB and in compliance with Subtitle D of RCRA. These rules require covering a sanitary landfill that completes its useful life with a synthetic liner and to manage leachates and gases for at least 30 years, in addition to maintaining the areas under the previous operation. El Coquí Landfill has the financial resources required by law to guarantee the closure and maintenance after the closing, with private funds and without causing a burden to the people of Puerto Rico.

EC Waste Sanitary landfills offer long term efficient, trustworthy and safe option to manage non-hazardous solid wastes in Puerto Rico, for several decades. Our commitment to the environment and Puerto Rico guarantees a long-term operation without consequences for taxpayers. No other sanitary landfill meets the financial guarantees required by regulations; those that do not comply with closure plans and financial assurance will become a burden to taxpayers.

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