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Globalcycle, Inc. (“Globalcycle”) is permitted to accept various non-RCRA/TSCA regulated industrial wastewaters from off-site, in bulk or in containers and is currently permitted to recycle 96,000 gallons per day.

Typical industrial and commercial wastewater sources include:
• Installation of groundwater monitoring wells (commonly referred to as investigation derived wastewaters or IDW) or well purge water
• Water used to clean equipment, trucks and buildings
• Decontamination wastewaters
• Cooling tower wastewaters/semi-solids
• Groundwater from underground storage tank installations
• Storm, surface and excavation wastewaters
• Frac tank clean-outs
• Storm water catch basin cleaning semi-solids
• Wastewaters that only contain a sheen of oil
• Aqueous based wastewaters
• Groundwater from UST petroleum leaks (e.g. "D018" benzene exempt)
• Marina boat wash waters

The recycling operation consisting of numerous storage tanks and treatment equipment (e.g. for solids and organics removal and pH adjustment), which is situated within a secondary containment system, inside our facility.

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