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Giant Resource Recovery

Virginia Mill Rd, Arvonia, VA 23004 • (434) 581-3226

GRR-Arvonia operates a waste fuel blending facility in Arvonia, Virginia, about 60 miles southwest of Richmond. GRR-Arvonia receives hazardous and non-hazardous liquid wastes in bulk tankers. These materials are blended into waste fuel that is burned in the manufacture of lightweight aggregate and cement. Types of wastes suitable for Grr's process include spent solvents, coatings and resins, waste petroleum products, still bottoms, and waste organic chemicals.
Upon arrival at Grr!, wastes are analyzed and transferred to the GRR tank farm where they are blended to meet fuel specifications. The tank farm consists of 15 receiving and storage tanks with a total capacity of 300,000 gallons. The waste fuel is then delivered to Solite, LLC or other GRR-affiliated kilns for use in their production processes. Historically, the Solite facility has relied upon waste fuel for approximately 95% of the energy required to manufacture lightweight aggregate.

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Virginia Mill Rd
Arvonia, VA 23004
United States

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P: (434) 581-3226
F: (434) 581-1017

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