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North American Lubricants, Co. was founded in 1999 by a small group of investors, who are also lubricant purchasers, who were concerned about trends in the petroleum industry and their decrease in profit. Multiple mergers and acquisitions cut the number of national petroleum suppliers down by seventy-five percent. Drastically reduced competition, inefficiencies, outrageous overhead expenses, and corporate greed sent national lubricant prices on an unprecedented upward trend. These factors turned a true commodity, bulk lubricants, into an overpriced retail product. Major oil justified the increased price levels with creative marketing campaigns while continuing to generate record breaking profits. North American Lubricants' Puratech brand was developed to provide a dependable alternative.

Since 1999, North American Lubricants has established a forty-two state distribution infrastructure. This amazing growth was facilitated by our dedication to outstanding customer service, premium product quality and competitive pricing. We are proud to maintain the pace as the fastest growing lubricant supplier in the nation as the "Installer's Oil Company".

Member of NORA An Association of Responsible Recyclers

Services Offered

  • Antifreeze Collection
  • Antifreeze Transporting
  • Oil Filter Collection
  • oil filter transporting
  • Re-Refining Lubricants
  • Used Oil Collection
  • Used Oil Transporting

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P: (800) 430-6252
F: (480) 624-5890

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