VLS Fitzgerald WTE Facility

VLS Recovery Services

188 Rip Wiley Rd, Fitzgerald, GA 31750 • (229) 796-0082

“Here at VLS Recovery Services we show an immense amount of pride in stewarding towards a cleaner, safer, more ecologically friendly environment for generations to come. We are aware of the importance of conserving our planet’s natural resources by protecting the soil, water, and climate and will stop at no cost to ensure the safety of our environment from which we operate.”

Services Offered

  • Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Hazardous Waste Transporting
  • Oil Filter Collection
  • oil filter transporting
  • Universal Waste Collection
  • Universal Waste Processing
  • universal waste transporting
  • Used Oil Collection
  • Used Oil Marketing
  • Used Oil Processing
  • Used Oil Transporting
  • Wastewater Treatment Processing
  • Wastewater Treatment Collection
  • wastewater treatment transporting

Contact Details

Street Address

188 Rip Wiley Rd
Fitzgerald, GA 31750
United States

Phone & Fax

P: (229) 796-0082
F: (936) 372-5351