Western Oil Facility

Western Oil

PO Box 518, Lincoln, RI • 800-240-5540

Western has been a leading provider of environmental and hazardous waste management services in New England since 1975, supplying our customers with a variety of environmental services and petroleum recycling systems.

We are proud of our company’s history of providing superior support and products. Our knowledge and understanding of our industry is our greatest asset, keeping us focused on the individual needs of our customers. Our customers can be certain they are receiving the most current information available, and every effort is made to perform the most competent and thorough work possible.

Western will meet your requirements to maintain full compliance with all regulations, minimize liability, and reduce waste and emissions. Our services and infrastructure encompass the widest range and provide our customers with one source for solving their environmental needs.

Member of NORA An Association of Responsible Recyclers

Services Offered

  • Antifreeze Collection
  • Antifreeze Recycling
  • Antifreeze Transporting
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Hazardous Waste Transporting
  • Oil Filter Collection
  • Oil Filter Processing
  • Used Oil Marketing
  • Used Oil Collection
  • Used Oil Transporting
  • Used Oil Processing
  • wastewater treatment transporting

Contact Details

Street Address

PO Box 518
Lincoln, RI
United States

Phone & Fax

P: 800-240-5540
F: 401-727-7667

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