Optical Goods Stores Waste Services

NAICS Code 44613

Discover Optical Goods Stores waste handlers (NAICS Code 44613) as reported to the United States EPA. Whether they are generators, transporters, transfer facilities, recyclers or TSDF locations, click on each listing below for details and contact information.

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This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in one or more of the following: (1) retailing and fitting prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses; (2) retailing prescription eyeglasses in combination with the grinding of lenses to order on the premises; and (3) selling nonprescription eyeglasses.

NAICS Code 44613–Optical Goods Stores parent categories:

  1. 44–Retail Trade
  2. 446–Health and Personal Care Stores
  3. 4461–Health and Personal Care Stores

Handlers of Optical Goods Stores Waste

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