AKRON, Ohio--Wastebits, a waste management technology solutions company, is enabling free access to its proprietary collaborative software platform to help with the coordination of recovery and cleanup efforts in and around the areas devastated by Hurricane Harvey and the subsequent tropical storm. The company’s Vendor Locator is a single online portal listing more than 9,000 waste vendors, equipment providers and service providers in the United States that are involved in the transportation and/or disposal of hazardous waste, special or regulated waste and other waste types.

Effective immediately, Wastebits is providing free access to all posting and communication tools on its vendor portal for waste vendors, waste brokers, waste transporters, emergency response companies and suppliers of containers, absorbents, and other equipment through the end of the year. The goal of this effort is to quickly and easily facilitate communications between groups affected by Hurricane Harvey that need clean-up and waste removal services. The portal can be used to efficiently connect companies that transport or accept waste and those communities/groups that need waste disposal services. The types of storm debris to be disposed of includes but is not limited to: Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Construction and Demolition (C&D), Hazardous, Special or Regulated and/or Medical Wastes.

The Wastebits homepage will feature a special Hurricane Harvey section with links directing visitors to either select “I’m a Company that Accepts/Transports Debris” for vendors involved in the disposal of waste or “I Need to Dispose of Hurricane Debris” for those needing to dispose of waste. Wastebits is also asking all current clients listed on its portal to login as soon as possible or by September 8, 2017 to update their company’s information, type(s) of waste accepted or managed, services or equipment provided, geography coverage and schedule for hours of operation.

“The damage resulting from Hurricane Harvey is only beginning to be seen, but there is already an immediate need for access to resources to help businesses and the communities impacted,” said Dan Collins, CEO and president, Wastebits. “A critical part of the cleanup will be coordination and speed to minimize further devastation. The waste disposal industry has an opportunity to take a leadership position in aiding this effort. We are proud to do what we can by providing access to this information that will hopefully expedite the process.”

For new companies interested in being listed, please register at Wastebits.com.

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As the industry leader in technology solutions for waste management, Wastebits is a web-based platform that connects waste generators, waste facilities and service providers for tracking and controlling regulated waste activity. With more than 9,000 companies on the ever-expanding Wastebits platform, the technology streamlines the process of finding of vendors, characterizing waste, tracking waste and data analytics. Wastebits supports clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small and medium independent service providers across North America and beyond.


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