Wastebits is proud to sponsor driver Matt Tifft's #19 Toyota Camry in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. Wastebits is the primary sponsor for the 2017 races in Bristol, Richmond, and Talladega, and will continue to sponsor #19 throughout the rest of the 2017 season with an associate sponsorship.

Matt will also join the Wastebits team in May at WasteExpo 2017 in New Orleans where he will educate environmental leaders and industry decision makers about his NASCAR program and NASCAR green initiatives. In addition, a live auction will be conducted during the expo where one of Matt's Wastebits branded firesuits will be available.

In order to celebrate the recent sponsorship, we sat down with Matt and asked him a few questions about his career with NASCAR:

Q. When did first fall in love with racing?
When I was 5 years old watching dirt races in Michigan.
Q. How does a young person from the Midwest work their way up to becoming a NASCAR driver?
I got to be with some great people in my late model days that transferred over to successful relationships through ARCA racing and eventually into the trucks.
Q. We’re excited about your full recovery from the removal of a low-grade brain tumor in the past year. How did you stay positive during the time leading up to, and following your surgery?
Just understanding there are people with much worse circumstances than myself medically, you realize what you have is bad but not as bad as them. I wanted to help others with their circumstances and stay positive to show other people that they could get through it.
Q. You’re the kind of guy that gives back whenever you can. I’ve seen you working with youth to teach them about racing jobs and opportunities, as well as supporting brain tumor research. What are some of your sources of inspiration? Who invested in you to help get you where you are today?
I think my inspiration really comes from seeing other drivers’ successful foundations and integration of what their charity work does and bringing it back to the racing fans. I have had a lot of help and mentorship over the years of how to act and how you should treat others, and I like to give back when the opportunity presents itself.
Q. What are some of the physical or even mental exercises that help prepare you for a race?
Racing is unique because it not only has physical traits of endurance, but the mental toughness of dealing with situations and adversity and being able to overcome huge obstacles is so key in NASCAR. I try to prepare as much as possible by watching previous races, talking to my teammates, and looking over previous races with my team.
Q. Do you have a post-race ritual? How do you like to unwind after a long race day?
I really don’t have a post-race ritual, but racing is definitely mentally exhausting after a race weekend. I like to be able to get home and relax and maybe go out to dinner, but after Sunday you have to be focused on the next race coming up.

Thanks to everyone involved who helped make this sponsorship possible, and good luck Matt in your upcoming events!

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