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Go to the Company First

When adding a new user, the first step is to go to the Companies section and click on the name of the company that the new user will belong to. You may need to create a company first if it does not exist.

Note: Your user type must have the ability to create/edit users for these steps to apply.


Next, Go to the Users Tab

Click on the Users tab within the company details screen.


Click Create New User

Within the Users section of a company's information page, any users that have been previously added are listed. To add a new user, click Create New User.


Fill Out the Add a User Form

While First Name, Last Name, and Email are pretty self-explanatory, you may need more context when deciding on the appropriate Role for your new user. The new user's role will vary depending upon whether the company is designated as a Generator, Transporter, or Service Provider. For further details of what roles are available to each of these company types, as well as what those permissions mean, see What Do Various User Types Mean?