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Have you ever been away from your computer, received an email notification from Wastebits, and wished you could reply to that email so the response ends up on the Profile? Now you can!

Note notifications

You'll notice in your Note notification email that you have a few options. You can choose to view the full conversation (this will take you to Wastebits where you can log in and view the profile) or you can reply directly to the email.


A few things to note...

  • Note replies will retain the privacy settings of the original note. Replies to Private notes will be private to the company, and replies to non-private notes will be seen by everyone on the profile.
  • @-mention notifications are not available when you reply directly to the email. If you wish to use an @-mention (and automatically notify someone of that mention), click the View Full Conversation button and add your note within the browser.
  • If you need to make a change to a note that you sent, simply log into Wastebits, open the profile in question, and click the Edit button on your comment: