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Select to Renew a Profile if there are no changes that need to be made. Profiles within 90 days of expiration will show the Renew Profile button in the upper right hand corner along with the days left until the Profile expires.


If you wish to Renew a profile sooner than 90 days out or after it has already expired, open the Utilities options and select Submit Renewal.


A pop up will appear that will allow you to recertify the profile, ensuring that you understand the details of Renewing. If you wish to proceed, click the Recertify & Renew button.


If any of the information in the profile needs edited, you should not use the renewal option. In this case, update all necessary items in the profile and click the green Save button in the upper right hand corner. This will change your profile to the On Hold status which will trigger an email notification to the Waste Facility for Approval or Rejection.