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Starting a new Waste Stream Profile

Click the Start Waste Stream button at the top right corner of your screen. (Note: If you do not have a Start Waste Stream button, chances are that you were invited as a Read-Only User. Talk to your sales rep if you believe your settings are incorrect).


Naming your Profile

This will open an edit view of your profile. A good rule of thumb is to start by naming your Profile something other than "Untitled" (i.e., a brief description of the Waste Stream).


Adding Companies to your Profile

There are four company options in this section: Generator, Destination Facility, Billing, and Transporter.

  • Generator: The company creating/submitting the waste.
  • Waste Facility: The location the material is being sent to.
  • Billing: The company responsible for payment. This may be a Service Provider or the Generator.
  • Transporter: The company that is moving the waste. If a Service Provider is also acting as a Transporter, that Company would be included here. A Transporter is not required to submit your profile.

Required fields: Entering a Generator, Waste Facility, and Billing contact is required to submit your Profile. If these fields are not filled out, the Profile will remain in draft form and you will not be able to submit.

To select your Generator, Waste Facility, Billing, or Transporter, go to the corresponding box and type the name of the Company. You will see close matches to your entry begin to appear. Select the appropriate Company by clicking its name.

Note: If the Company you are looking for does not appear in the drop down box, ensure that it is spelled correctly. If it still does not appear, it may need to be added to the system. Contact your sales rep or Wastebits Customer Support for assistance.


You may then continue to fill out the rest of the information on the Profile. Remaining sections include:

  • Material Origin: The physical address where the waste was generated.
  • Material & Material Composition: Description of the waste and preferred Disposal Methods.
  • Regulatory: This portion of the Profile includes smart logic. You will only have to answer the regulatory questions that apply to you. Certain answers will cause more questions to appear.
  • Shipping & DOT: Frequency and Quantity of shipments

Click Save Profile once you've finished entering your information to return to the Profile read view.


The certify box is available from the Profile Read view. (Note: You should only certify a Profile if You or your company is the Generator or Authorized Agent of the Generator; AND you maintain a copy of the written authorization for Waste Facilities that require this. Speak to your sales rep at your Waste Facility if you are uncertain if you are qualified to certify a Profile.)

  • Click the blue Certify Profile button
  • Select your role:
    : The entity legally and financially responsible for generating the waste- Authorized Agent: an entity that the Generator has authorized in writing to perform specific actions relating to management of the Generator's waste.
  • Type your name in the Signature Box and click Certify


Other features


Notes: Allows you to collaborate around the Profile. Read more about this feature here.
Allows you to add any necessary documentation for review by the Waste Facility. Read more about this feature here.
Tracks by who and when changes were made to the Profile.
Links to helpful Waste Industry Forms

Submit for Approval

You are now ready to Submit for Approval, by clicking the button at the top right corner of the page.