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Sometimes you may need to add Contact details for a member of the Generator, Waste Facility, Billing Company, or Transporter onto a Profile for quick reference. This article will detail the steps of adding Contacts to a Profile.

Add A Contact

Save any changes you've made to the Profile to enter Read View. You'll see that the Contacts field is now available anywhere a Company has been added. If a Company has not been specified, you will not be able to add Contacts.


Click the arrow to expand the Contacts section, then select Add Contact.


Enter as many Contacts as you need. If you make a mistake, hover over the Contact you wish to delete and a trashcan will appear.


Some key info to know about Contacts:

  • You must be in Read View to add Contacts to a Profile. This will help ensure that an Approved Profile doesn't go On Hold simply because you wanted to add some Contact details.
  • Add Contacts to a Profile if they help you or are required by the Facility you're submitting waste to.
  • If you remove a Company from a Profile, the Contacts you've added to that Company will be removed from the Profile as well.