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The profile is in Draft status

Profiles that are in Draft status are only visible to members of the creating Company. To make the Profile visible to other collaborators on the Profile, it must first be submitted.


The User is not a member of one of the Companies on the Profile.

Only individuals who are Users in a Company on the Profile will be able to view them. If the User you want to see the Profile is not a member of one of the Companies, you may need to Invite them.


A Status filter is selected

If the profile you expect to see isn't coming up when you search, ensure that your Status filter is set to All Statuses so that your search looks through all possible Active Profiles instead of just the ones that your view is filtered to.


The Profile is archived

The only exception to the above scenario is if your Profile is Archived. Archived Profiles are no longer visible or searchable from the main Profile List View and do not come up as results using the All Statuses filter. To see if a Profile you are searching for is in the Archives, click on the Status filter and select Archived.


A search term is filtering the results

Anything entered into the search bar will remain until you clear the text out, even if you switch to another page or log out of the application. If your view isn't what you expect, make sure that there isn't anything entered in the search bar that needs to be cleared out.


The User is logged into the wrong Company

If you are a User with Accounts in multiple Companies, you may be logged into the wrong Company to view the Profile you wish to collaborate on. See here for more information on how to switch Companies.