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In most cases, you can invite a User to a Company in Wastebits in two simple steps: (1) Select the Company (2) Send an Invitation to the User. First we'll discuss the basics, then we'll address special cases at the end of the article.

(1) Select the Company

Once logged into Wastebits, navigate to the Companies List:


Search for the Company you want to invite the User to. Once you have found it, click on the Company's name to open that Company's record.


(2) Send an Invitation to the User

Once you've navigated to the appropriate Company record, click Invitations on the left side of the screen.


Click Invite to Company.


A modal will appear for you to type in the User's details. Leave the Add as Editor checkbox blank if you wish for the person you're inviting to have Read-Only permissions, or check the box if you want them to be able to complete tasks such as adding/editing profiles, sending invitations, etc. When you click Send Invitation, an email will be sent to the User to claim their Invitation. You can track the status of your Invitation on the Invitations section of the Company Details page (see above image).


Special Cases

Why can't I see the Add Invitation button?

If you do not see the Add Invitation button, you do not have the appropriate permissions in that Company to send Invitations. If the Company is verified (indicated by a blue checkmark), only an Admin of the Company is able to send the Invitation.


What if I can't find the right Company when I search?

If you can't find the Company you wish to invite the User to, you may need to add it by clicking the Create New Company button. Complete the information requested in the form, then click the Save button.


Why don't I just click Invitations on the dropdown to send an Invite?

Clicking Invitations on the Company dropdown list takes you to a screen that shows the history of Invitations to the account that you are currently logged in to. If you are logged into the account that you wish to invite the User to, you may do so here, but otherwise you will want to follow the steps indicated in this article.