Waste, streamlined.

Wastebits is a web-based platform that streamlines the management of waste for those who generate waste, service providers and waste treatment facilities.


Find Vendors

Connect with local waste vendors to help manage your waste stream.

The Wastebits Vendor Locator makes it incredibly easy for waste generators and service providers to find and partner with vendors to manage their entire waste stream. Vendors listed in our locator take advantage of thousands of searches performed every week by potential customers.

Vendor Locator

Characterize Waste

One place to collaborate and keep your customers happy.

The Wastebits Profiling Platform is your facility's central, online location for managing and monitoring your customers' waste profiles. Customers can securely fill out and submit profiles online, saving your facility time, money, and administrative headaches.

Waste Profiling

Track Waste

Easily monitor the movement of your waste.

Track your waste from cradle to grave, and quickly identify bottlenecks in the journey via the Wastebits Waste Tracking system. Generators, Transporters, Service Brokers and Waste Facilities can easily see all waste in transit in a single view.

Waste Tracking

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