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Fill out and manage waste profiles & approvals online. Smart, secure forms streamline your workflow, simplify compliance, and reduce errors.

Managing waste streams and approvals can be time-consuming and a pain to get the forms filled out right.

You're not alone in this struggle. Many waste facilities have the same problem. Trying to get customers to fill out a waste profile correctly can be time consuming and frustrating, and without a central place for back-and-forth communication, can be difficult to track.

Wastebits makes it easy for your customers to submit their waste information correctly, the first time. Wastebits is your facility's central online location for managing and monitoring your customers' waste streams, handling all the communication including renewals, expirations, and cloning previous profiles saving your facility time, money, and administrative headaches.

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Online Waste Profile Forms

A Robust, Streamlined Digital Experience

Wastebits is leading the digital revolution in the waste industry, but what does that mean?
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Waste Profiling & Approvals Made Easy

Gone are the days of waiting for paper approvals to be issued and tracked in a filing system. Wastebits facilitates online communcation, including expiration and renewals of approved waste streams.

Empower Customers and Vendors

By inviting customers and vendors to your Wastebits portal, they can easily add their own waste streams, submit them for approval, and print copies as needed.

Instant Notifications & Communication

Automated alerts allow you and your customers to know when profiles are expiring, as well as any communication needed about rejections, approvals, and renewals.

Easily add Waste Streams to a Manifest

With one system, you don't need to repeatedly fill out the same information, with a few clicks your waste streams can be added to a manifest and managed within Wastebits.

Tracking Changes

See a running history of waste streams and approvals, and compare two approvals with intelligent highlighting for fast identification of changes made.


Creating a new waste stream based off of a similar one is quick and easy via the Wastebits clone feature. Changes can be applied to the cloned waste stream before saving.

Searchable, Efficient Storage

With digital records, a search bar is all you need to have instant access to current and past waste streams and approvals. No longer do you need physical copies in boxes to leaf through when a particular record is needed.


Profiles Have Been Managed via Wastebits


Waste Generators Receive Waste Approvals via Wastebits


Instant Communication Replaces Physical Paperwork and Approvals

“Having used many online profiling tools for several disposal facilities throughout the country, Wastebits is by far the easiest and fastest to use. Once you build your customer database, the monotony of entering all of the basic information is gone!”
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Frequently Asked Questions

Of Course!Wastebits allows custom waste profile templates, with a variety of field types already supported within the application. From basic text fields to more complicated fields like dropdowns and uploads, Wastebits supports 18 different field types to be customized to your individual needs.

Check out this help doc for more information: Custom Template Capabilities

Notifications are set up to alert responsible parties that a waste profile is about to expire, as well as when it has expired. With Wastebits, a waste facility can re-approve a waste stream as-is or require further documentation or communication from the waste generator in order to renew the approval.

You bet!Waste Stream, Scale Ticket, and Manifest data may be exported by Facility Portal Admins or Facility Site Admins at the Facility Site level. There is an export button avaiable to these users on the relevant pages, with customization options for what gets exported into a downloadable CSV that can be opened with any spreadsheet application

Check out this help doc for more information: Exporting Wastebits Data

Absolutely!Any documentation relevant to a waste stream can be uploaded and attached to that waste stream approval (such as analytical or MSDS papers). You can also upload a signed copy of a waste stream certification for situations that require it.

Check out this help doc for more information: Uploading a Waste Stream Certification

Yes!It is part of our DNA at Wastebits to reduce the need to type things over and over again. For this reason we have built in the capability to print both hazardous and non-hazardous labels from a waste stream that has been entered in the system.

Check out this help doc for more information: How to Print Waste Labels

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