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Immediately save on EPA fees with your first manifest. Tight EPA integration helps you avoid compliance issues by using our smart forms.

The EPA's new e-Manifest system can be daunting, and it's hard to know where to start when trying to become compliant.

You're not alone. Many companies are feeling the same way about the e-Manifest system. Trying to go it alone can be costly and time consuming.

e-Manifest Solutions from Wastebits provides software that integrates with the EPA, making it easy for you to become fully compliant with the e-Manifest system. With partially-managed or fully-managed solutions, you WILL save on fees, submit faster, and reduce administrative work.

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United States Environmental Protection Agency
Savings with Every Manifest

How much can you save with Hybrid-Manifests?

$22,440 Saved*
When Submitting 1,870 Manifests
  • EPA/RCRA Compliant
  • Improve Accuracy
  • Wastebits Support
  • Powerful Reports
  • Discrepency Alerts
  • Digital Signatures

*Hybrid Manifest EPA fee savings compared with Scanned Image Upload

2024 EPA Fees Chart

Reduce Your Fees

Mandatory EPA e-Manifest submissions cost money.

With Wastebits, we help reduce the amount you pay in fees PER MANIFEST. The more you track, the more you save.

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“We were struggling with the workload and cost of e-Manifest until we found Wastebits. Their solution allowed us to quickly and efficiently upload manifests to RCRAinfo, while saving substantial time and cost. Their team has been extremely responsive through adoption and beyond.”
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e-Manifest Software Solutions

Failing to comply with the EPA's e-Manifest system can result in costly fines. Wastebits helps you submit on time, with minimal errors.

Reduce Errors

Our software catches errors before submitting to the EPA, and if there are any issues with the submission process our software will help you discover the issues and guide you towards a compliant manifest.

EPA Hybrid e-Manifest

Our tight integration with the EPA allows for submission directly from within Wastebits. The EPA will issue an official tracking ID and it is automatically applied to your manifest. This hybrid e-Manifest also lowers the fees charged by the EPA.

CROMERR Compliant Signatures

The EPA has mandated that e-Manifest signatures be valid according to a certain set of rules. Wastebits ties directly into the EPA's RCRAInfo portal to ensure the required signatures are fully compliant.

Tight Integration with Other Wastebits Features

As a part of the Wastebits ecosystem, you can create manifests from existing waste streams, or tie submitted manifests with scale house software. Include manifest data with the rest of your waste analytics from the Wastebits dashboard.

PDF & Print Anytime

Digital manifests do save paper and time, but sometimes a paper copy is still required. Wastebits allows a well-formatted PDF download and print at any time, for any party that needs it.

Instant Notifications & Communication

Automated alerts allow you and your customers to know when signatures are required, and know at any moment the status of any shipment.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether a Facility member, Service Provider, or Generator creates the manifest - the Generator will always sign first! Facilities and Service Providers can Mark a Manifest as Prepared to let the Generator know that it is time to sign.

The manifest must be signed in order - after the Generator signs, the Transporter(s) will follow, then finally the Facility. A Facility member may skip ahead to Marking a Manifest as Received and enter all necessary signatures at any time after the Manifest has been Marked as Prepared.

Check out this help doc for more information: Signing a Non-Hazardous Manifest

Collecting signatures for a hazardous waste manifest is a little more involved, since the EPA requires CROMERR compliant signatures. Fortunately, our integration with RCRAInfo provides a mechanism for collecting these compliant signatures.

Check out this help doc for more information: How to Create and Submit Hybrid e-Manifests

You bet! Sometimes it is useful to note a service provider on the manifest. If the service provider is already added to the waste stream, then they will automatically be added to the manifest, and if not, it's easy to add them when creating the manifest.

Check out this help doc for more information: Add a Service Provider to a Non-Hazardous Manifest

Absolutely! Any documentation relevant to a manifest can be uploaded and attached to that manifest. You can also upload a signed copy of a paper manifest for situations that require it.

That depends. While our software is easy-to-use and provides intelligent feedback while filling out the manifests, some of our customers benefit from our team of e-Manifest specialists. For companies dealing with hazardous waste manifests, Wastebits has an e-services division to manually work with uploaded documents and fill out electronic forms that get submitted to the EPA.

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