v3.4 Release Notes

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Written by Ryan Battles

Updated on Jun 26, 2019

What’s new in Wastebits

This release contains:

  1. Service Provider Company and User Types
  2. IE Compatibility
  3. Updates to When You Can Edit Waste Streams
  4. Changes to Signatures when Uploading a Signed Manifest

Service Provider Companies and Users

Facility Portal Admins, Facility Site Managers, and Generator Admins will now have access to create Service Provider Companies and Users!


When you authorize a Service Provider, they will have access to Create and Edit Waste Streams, Manifests, and Sites on behalf of their Generator Clients. They will only have access to the Waste Streams and Manifests that they have created or been added to.

For more information about Service Providers, see our support documentation!

IE Compatibility

While using Wastebits in Chrome will still give you the best experience, you can now utilize the application in Internet Explorer 11!

Updates to When You Can Edit Waste Streams

Before a Waste Stream has been added to a Manifest, you can edit any of the fields you like. However, once the Waste Stream has been added to a Manifest, the Generator and Facility fields will lock, but the Waste fields can be updated. This is in the case that you realize you missed important details or want to tweak the way your Waste Description appears on a Manifest.


Note: When updating a Waste Stream, all Manifests it had previously been added to will retain the old Waste information.

Changes to Signatures when Uploading a Signed Manifest

Previously, Wastebits required the Generator and Transporter companies to have Users in them before you could upload a signed manifest. Now you have the option to either select from Users in those Companies or to simply type in the name for signature.


Note: You are still required to have a user in the Facility to upload the signed manifest.

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