v3.5 Release Notes

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Written by Ryan Battles

Updated on May 15, 2019

What’s new in Wastebits


Wastebits has just been updated! This release contains:

  1. Receive Manifest Workflow
  2. Discrepancy Handling
  3. Progress Timeline
  4. Manifest Actions Menu
  5. Waste Stream Updates
  6. Revoke a Service Provider
  7. Transporter Company Sludge ID Field

Receive Manifest Workflow (Used to be Upload Signed Manifest)

A scanned copy of the manifest is no longer required to indicate that the Manifest has been Received. You’ll be able to go back and upload the signed copy later, if you wish!


Discrepancy Handling

Wish you had the ability to indicate that the Signed Manifest that you’re uploading has different information than what was entered digitally? Now Facility Users have the option to indicate a Discrepancy when receiving a Manifest. Just click “Yes” and a text area will open, allowing you to indicate what the discrepancy is:


Progress Timeline

Have you ever wondered what one of the Manifest Statuses means? Now with our Progress Timeline you can more clearly understand what state your Manifest is in. Just hover over any one of the statuses and you’ll see the explanation!


Actions Menu

As we continued to build out Non-Hazardous Manifesting, we noticed that the action buttons were starting to overtake your screen! We decided to consolidate them all into an easy dropdown with the actions that pertain to your user type and the state of the manifest:


Waste Stream Updates

Waste Code Field

Does the Waste Stream you’re creating have a State Waste Code that you’d like to show up on the Manifest? Now there’s a field specifically for you to enter this information!


Waste Name & Description

We added some more information to these fields to help clarify what they’re for. The Waste Stream name will help you label your Waste Stream, and the Shipping Description is what will show up on your Manifest!


Waste Line Preview

If it still isn’t totally clear how your Waste Stream will show up on a Manifest, don’t worry - we’ve added the Waste Line Preview! Now when you’re creating your Waste Stream, you’ll see exactly how it will show up on the manifest as you’re creating it.


Revoke a Service Provider

No longer working with a Service Provider and want to remove them from your account? Now Generators and Facility Users have the option to revoke access. The Service Provider will still have access to the waste streams and manifests where they were added in the past, but won’t be able to edit them or create new ones.

Transporter Company Sludge ID Field

Does your Transporter Company have a Sludge ID that needs to appear on the Manifest? Now you can add these IDs to the Company details and they will appear on the printed Manifest. (There is still a spot for EPA IDs too!)


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