v3.6 Release Notes

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Updated on Jun 03, 2019

What's new in Wastebits


Wastebits has just been updated! This release contains:

  1. Create One or More Manifests from a Single Waste Stream
  2. Clone One or More Manifests from Existing Manifest
  3. Manifest Batch PDFs
  4. Multi-Delete Qualifying Manifests
  5. Manifest Rejection
  6. Transporter Updates
    1. Add Transporter Company to a Manifest Multiple Times
    2. Add Service Provider to the Transporter Field

Create One or More Manifests from a Single Waste Stream

Now you can easily create a one-waste Manifest from the Waste Stream view! Navigate to the Waste Stream you wish to create the Manifest from and click on the Manifests tab, then click Create Manifests.


From this screen, you’ll be able to select the number of Manifests you wish to create, and enter additional information that applies to all of the Manifests you’re creating including the Transporter, Container Number & Type, and Quantity.


Note: You’ll want to leave any fields blank where the information doesn’t apply to every manifest you’re creating. You can then go in and individually edit the manifests to add those details.

Clone One or More Manifests from Existing Manifest

Do you have a manifest that’s identical or similar to an existing one and need another copy? Now, anyone with the permissions to create Manifests can do so by cloning an existing one. Simply navigate to the Manifest you wish to Clone, and select that option in the menu.


From this screen, you’ll be able to select the number of Cloned Manifests you wish to create and select if you’d like to clone the Transporters as well as the Containers & Quantities.


Manifest Batch PDF

Now, when you create more than one Manifest either from the Waste Stream or by cloning a Manifest, you have the option to have a link to a PDF sent to your email address so that you can print these manifests all at once. Just leave the checkbox for “Send me an email with a printable PDF” enabled and you’ll receive the email!


Multi-Delete Qualifying Manifests

Did you make a mistake and accidentally created too many manifests? Or you just want to clean up your manifest list, but don’t want to have to delete each manifest individually? Click the Edit Mode button in your Manifest list view, and you’ll see checkboxes appear on the left that will enable you to select which manifests you wish to delete.


Made a mistake? These manifests will remain in your Deleted Items for 30 days, where you can recover them if you so choose.

Note: Once a manifest has been signed by the generator, it can no longer be deleted. These manifests will not be able to be selected in this view.

Manifest Rejection

Facility Users now have the ability to Reject a manifest instead of Receiving it. Simply select the Reject item in the dropdown and fill out the necessary fields.


Note: If a manifest has not yet been signed by the generator, it cannot be rejected. However, it can still be deleted in this mode.

Transporter Updates

Add Transporter Company to a Manifest Multiple Times

Do you have multiple drivers from the same Transporter company? Now you can add Transporter Companies to a Manifest more than once to ensure that each can sign the Manifest.

Add Service Provider to the Transporter Field

Is the Service Provider enabled on your Manifest also the Transporter? Now, the enabled Service Provider company will be available to select as the Transporter company as well.

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