v5.13 and v5.14 Patch Release Notes

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Updated on Nov 12, 2020

What's New in Wastebits

Updated Document Attachment Types

We received feedback that "My Company Only" Documents were confusing, and important Documents weren't made available to all necessary parties on a Waste Stream. To help, we removed "My Company Only" Documents from everyone except for Facility Users. This way, Facility Users will always be able to access any Documents on a Waste Stream.


This is a new section in the release notes where we'll update you on fixes for any features that weren't working as expected. We'll continue to update this page as additional fixes are released:


  • Some of the Waste Stream list view filters were pulling results from previous approvals instead of just the current ones, so we tweaked the displays to help with that.
  • Changing the Facility on a cloned Waste Stream was causing some issues with saving, so we made sure that wouldn't keep happening.

v5.14.2 & 5.14.3

  • There were some issues with moving past the Material Origin on certain Waste Streams so we cleared up those issues


  • Issues with approving client requests
  • Certain Generators on cloned Waste Streams were hard to clear
  • Difficulty with triggering add site button within a Waste Stream


  • Certain Waste Streams weren't displaying as expected and couldn't generate PDFs


  • Users were unable to save edits to certain Waste Streams.
  • The Industrial Waste question showed "Yes" on the PDF when the information entered was a "No"


  • Address and contact information for Companies wasn't appearing in the detail view of a Waste Stream
  • In-App notification pagination wasn't working properly
  • Special characters were being cleared from the search bar


  • Certification Signatures weren't populating on the Waste Stream print view

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