v5.14 Release Notes

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Written by Ryan Battles

Updated on Sep 10, 2020

Material Origin

We heard from you that sometimes the Material Origin address is different from the Generator Site address, so with this update we've made a specific section for you to enter Material Origin.

Now when creating a new Waste Stream or editing an old one, the next step after adding your Companies and Sites is to enter a Material Origin. If the Material Origin information is the same as the Generator Site (displayed in the box below) simply select Yes and the information will be automatically filled.

If the Material Origin information is different than the Generator Site address, select No and you'll be able to type in the information one-time for this Waste Stream only (a new Generator Site will not be created).

Approval Numbers added to List View

Previously Approval Numbers didn't appear in the Waste Stream list view unless a Waste Stream was in an Approved status. With this update, the last applicable Approval Number will always show in the list view, regardless of the status of the Waste Stream.

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