v5.16 Patch Release Notes

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Written by Ryan Battles

Updated on Nov 12, 2020


  • We made some tweaks to make sure the reconciliation process for Hazardous Manifests continued to be precise.


  • Some users were having issues creating Comments, so we cleared that up.


  • User searches were struggling when entering both a first and last name, so we made sure that was working.
  • We clarified some of the warning messaging in Waste Streams so that it would make more sense.
  • Sometimes the Create New Company button wasn't showing up with new user requests, so we figured out what was going on there.


  • We increased the file size that you can upload on a Waste Stream to 100 MB
  • We allowed for zip files to be attached to Waste Streams


  • There were times that the detail view on the regulatory section wasn't displaying what was selected on the toggles, so we made sure that was showing up.
  • Some Waste Streams had approval numbers in the list view before the approval had taken place, so we removed those.


  • Some exports were blank, so we made sure the data was showing up on the downloads.
  • Some of the Transporter information wasn't showing up when creating Manifests, so we got it all to display again.

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