v6.0 Release Notes

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Updated on Dec 11, 2020

Enhanced Email Notifications

We heard from you that you enjoy using the email notifications and could use more information in them, so we did the following:

  • Added settings for User Account and Client Authorization Requests
  • Redesigned format with clearer information
  • Added Facility Site, Billing Site, Generator Site, and Approval ID to each update
  • Added waste stream comments text
  • For high volume sites, we're displaying more updates per email (up to 30 per category)

Updated Error Notifications

There was some confusion around a few error notifications, so we clarified the message displayed when a Facility User attempts to:

  • Approve/reject a User Request that's already been reviewed
  • Authorize a Client Authorization Request that's already been authorized

Company Activities

Have you ever been looking at a Waste Stream and noticed that the name of a Company changed, and wondered when that change happened or who made it? With this update we'll be releasing Company activities (very similar to Waste Stream activities) so that you'll be able to easily see what was changed and when.

Waste Stream Templates

Have you ever wanted to:

  • Ask questions that aren't on the Wastebits profile?
  • Require customers to answer certain questions before submission?
  • Remove questions that aren't relevant to your customers?
  • Have different profiles for different Facility sites?

If yes, contact us to discuss Wastebits' new Waste Stream Templates feature - that can do all of this and more!

Updated Print Views

To support the Waste Stream Templates feature, we've updated the PDFs of Waste Streams to be flexible to the template in your branded portal! The layout may look slightly different, but don't worry - all of the information you're used to seeing will still be there.

Waste Stream API Integration

Profile data becomes even more powerful when integrated into your operational and sales enablement systems, like Salesforce or Hubspot CRMs.

We've developed an API subscription your technical resources use to integrate data between the Wastebits Profile and your internal systems. Contact us today if you're interested in learning more about waste stream data integration.

Shipping Documents

Wastebits already has digital Non-Hazardous Manifests and Hazardous Manifest processing, but are there other types of shipping documents that would be valuable to integrate with your Profiling system? Bills of Lading? Special manifests? Recycling program shipment tracking? Contact us today if you have other shipping documents you'd like to see in Wastebits.



We inadvertently removed the additional lines for signature on a printed Waste Stream, so we added those back in.

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