v6.1.0 Release Notes

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Written by Ryan Battles

Updated on Dec 16, 2020

Delete Companies

Do you have a Company in Wastebits that has no sites and you no longer use it, or maybe it was created accidentally? With this release you can now reach out to support to request that these Companies be deleted.

Site Activities

With our previous release we added the ability for you to see activities on Companies. With this release we've extended that feature to Sites as well. You'll now be able to easily see what changed on a Site and when by simply navigating to the Site and clicking on the History tab (similar to viewing history on a Waste Streams).


  • We’ve fixed an issue where expired Waste Streams were showing as Approved in the Waste Stream list view, and we will continue to monitor for any other issues.
  • We noticed in some of the Site moves that Service Providers weren't appropriately being reassigned to their clients under the new Company, so we made sure that was working properly.

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