v6.4.0 Release Notes

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Written by Ryan Battles

Updated on Mar 16, 2021

Even more customization options for your Waste Stream template!

Over the past year, we've made changes to Wastebits that enable you to configure the Waste Stream to fit your needs. In this release, we've added two more customization options.

Certification Text

You now have the option in your template to update the certification language to your specific needs on all new waste streams moving forward. Existing Waste Streams would not be automatically updated, to ensure an accurate record is kept.

External ID

With this update, you can choose to add an External ID field to your Waste Stream template for Facility users to enter IDs from other systems you manage.

If you're interested in learning more about customizable Waste Stream options, please reach out to us at sales@wastebits.com or the form here.


  • Some Facility Users were getting stuck accepting a Service Provider client request when there was a duplicate address. We made sure that everything was working properly on this form.


  • Certain searches were clearing the first letter when typing, so we made sure that wouldn't happen.
  • Some users were getting stuck certifying on behalf of the generator, so we made sure that the documents would upload properly.


  • Some rejected profiles were showing a Draft status on the Print view, so we made sure the status was being displayed correctly.
  • We cleared up an issue that was causing an error to display where the active approval should be.


  • Previously selected disposal methods on the approval were displaying, so we made sure they could be removed.


  • We resolved an issue where certain Waste Stream fields were displaying dashes in the details view instead of the actual details.


  • We cleared up an issue causing Waste Stream prints to not function.


  • Daylight savings time was causing approvals within a certain window to select the previous date, so we enabled that selection to account for daylight savings time.

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