v6.6.0 Release Notes

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Updated on Jul 21, 2021

New User Type: Facility Read-Only

Do you have users in your portal that you want to give access to view your Waste Streams and add Comments, but ensure that they're not able to edit company or waste stream details, create users, etc.? With the new Read Only user type for Facilities you can do just that.

For more information about creating new users, see these instructions.

Updates based on your feedback!

Accepting a New User Request

Facility Users: We've heard from you that it is difficult when you have to re-type in the company address when a customer requests an account, so with this update we've made that information pre-populate into the form for you!

Cloning a Waste Stream when the Company or Site details have been updated

When updating a Company or Site, Wastebits makes sure to never retroactively change those details on existing Waste Streams. However - we heard from you that when you clone, you'd like the most up to date information for the Company or Site to be what's added to the Waste Stream.

With this update we did just that! You no longer need to remove then re-add the company to a cloned Waste Stream to make the new information appear.

Confusing Waste Stream history activities and notifications

There were some activities in the Waste Stream history as well as notifications that referred to the Approval, and we heard from you that these were confusing. With this release we updated these to clarify that they're related to the Waste Stream.



Clones weren't functioning, so we got that cleared up.

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